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Upcoming Workshop!

Our Workshop!

Hello food lovers! It is the time for our 10th annual Turkish cuisine workshop on November 9, 2017. Don't miss the chance to learn the signature dishes of Turkish cuisine from the best chefs of Turkey. There will also be a tasting area where you can chat with other food lovers while you eat your delicious kebab! Our quota is limited, so hurry up and reserve your place and come join us at the most delicious event of the year! Click on the link below to see the details and reserve your place.

Recipe of the Day!


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Today we have chosen one of the signature foods of Turkish cuisine. Şakşuka (shak-shukka)! It is one of the irreplaceable members of the Raki (national drink of Turkey) table. Without the shak-shukka your Turkish table can not be complete. It is a cold meze made with eggplant, tomatos and olive oil. It is very easy to prepare and serve. Most Turkish people prefer to eat the shak-shukka with bread and white cheese.